Thursday, 4 December 2014


Hey there reader,

I apologize for not having a new chapter for the past two weeks.  Unfortunately things have been hectic in my personal life, including the death of a family member.  On top of that my work schedule has been really busy.  The next chapter is in production and will most likely be posted next week.  There are only a few more chapters of Junction Landlord left until the story is complete.  Go back and read from the start if you haven't started already.  And help spread the word!

In the meantime, some good news. 

I have had a short story of mine published recently.  It has been published by Polar Expressions Publishing, an organization that seeks to promote Canadian writers.  My story was published in a compilation called That Golden Summer.  Order yours today!  In this book I am published under the name Jesse Zimmerman, which is my real name. 

This is my first official fiction publication.  Presently I have many other short stories that are ready for submission for fiction contests and for magazines and websites.  Junction Landlord is my free story and so far it has been a great time writing this story and sharing it and my other writings on this blog, which is just around a year old at this time.  Please stay tuned for more.
Junction Landlord will continue very soon.  Thanks for reading so far.

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